My hope is to motivate you to be dedicated to reaching your goals and being intentional with your time. If I’m not mistaken, I picked up my first planner in 2013. I was pregnant with my son and found myself all over the place, spread entirely too thin, without enough hours in the day. I was literally freestyling my way through life. The concept of making a to do list was foreign to me at the time. But little did I know that I was missing out on one of life’s secrets.

Honestly, how many of us just love the look of something? Yea, me too! I picked up a planner because:

1. It was super cute!
2. It was only like $10.

Sounded like a win to me. From that day, I started to write down everything that I needed or wanted to get accomplished. Fast forward, almost 10 years later, to that not only being the best $10 that I’ve ever spent, but to a life that is simple to manage and free from the feeling of being overwhelmed. Planning ahead and being an over organizer has been one of my strong points. I literally have to see everything on paper to keep my life in order. I’ve mastered the thought that “If I write it down, then it’s most definitely getting done!” Thoughts become things, right?!?! The idea of PLANT in PURPOSE came from me wanting to be intentional about the direction my life was heading in. GOD gave me the vision, as well as the name… A play on words, PLAN(t) in Purpose. Plan your ideas, thoughts, visions & dreams in Purpose. In order for anything to grow you must first PLAN(t) a seed.  Whether it be Personal, Professional, or Social. No matter what it is... if it’s on paper, consider it done! Remember... Aim to see the ending even at the beginning!

Sow the Seed | Till The Ground | Reap the Harvest

Planting in Purpose,